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Ship Board Cranes

We have extensive experience of all types of ship board cranes supplied by manufacturers all over the world.

Electro-hydraulic, Electrical, rope and cylinder luff, pedestal mounted and gantry types.

There are in fact very few manufacturers products in this area that we have not dealt with and as a result we carry an extensive technical library.

Our experience of this type of crane began in 1977 and for the past 20 years we have been advising as experts in this area a great many of the worlds P&I Clubs as expert witnesses on major claims

We have acted as technical arbitrators between parties where their own individual experts are at loggerheads

As a result of these many cases we have accumulated extensive experience on the failure of wire ropes which have resulted in the falling of load or jib resulting in damage and loss

Over the years we have covered the complete range of engineering and acquisition of such cranes both proprietary and special designs as required.

Most of the major manufacturers will recognize our position in the market if asked there is no way we can guarantee all of there responses will be positive because the nature of the business has given us cause to bring to light their various failings on behalf of our clients.

However you will find we are recognized as being fair and reasonable and knowledgeable on the subject.